The Little House in Knyazhevo


The Little House in Knyazhevo was founded in June, 2010.

It is the the first ever FTAC for young children in risk (0-6 years old) not only in Sofia but in the whole of Bulgaria. State Child care offices can bring in babies and young children in risk to be accommodated here temporarily until adoption or reintegration procedures are coplete.

Capacity: 6 babies or young children

Building: Private two-story house with a yard

Team: 6 members of staff – medical and social workers, pedagogists and a phychologist. They work on a special schedule which ensures a safe 24-hour care and also provides to each child a feeling of security and opportunity to get attached and develop trust in adults.

Annual budget: 55 000 EUR

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The Team of Knyzhevo

The all-star team who make sure all kids in the Little House in Knyazhevo have all they need.

Kameliya SlavchevaThe Little House in Knyazhevo