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National Basketball League in support of “Hope for the little ones”

During the new 2021-2022 season, the National Basketball League has decided to support the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society, namely the abandoned children and/or the children at risk aged 0-7 years, who have found a temporary shelter and protection in the Little Houses of “Hope for the little ones” Foundation.

The ten elite basketball clubs come together in support for the cause of “Hope for the little ones” Foundation. Their players engage in popularizing the charity organization through a number of initiatives and events in order to draw the public attention to the unfortunate “invisible children” of Bulgaria, those who have been abandoned or even worse – mistreated by their own closest relatives.

The last decade statistics reveals some cruel facts: every year approximately 2,000 children are abandoned by their parents immediately after they were born. It’s a proven fact that the best case scenario for each child is to stay with their biological family. In cases when this is impossible due to being unwanted or having their life and health at risk, they should be raised outside of their family with loving nourishment and proper care. Lack of affection in early stages of life causes a severe emotional trauma, which can grow to be the reason for an anti-social behavior and inability to integrate in society later on in life. Each day without love damages children’s development and their personality is scarred for life. Every child needs love and care and has the basic need to feel wanted, valued and significant.

The elite basketball players aim at drawing the public attention to this particular social injustice and helping these unfortunate children by giving them a chance to have a normal childhood filled with love and hope for an equal start in life.

We believe in the ripple effect of doing good. Everyone who would like to support a child at risk can do so by donating on our site – or by sending the following text message “DMS MALKITE” to number 17 777.

Together we can make our dream come true: every child should have an equal start in life through love and proper care.

Hope For The Little OnesNational Basketball League in support of “Hope for the little ones”

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