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Current material needs

Latest update – 10.12.2021

  • “Zakuska” cookies
  • Pretzels
  • Croissants
  • Natural fruit juice for children
  • Baby wet wipes
  • Children’s cosmetics
  • Batteries type AAA, AA
  • A4 multi-purpose copier paper
  • Kitchen paper
  • Napkins
  • Garbage bags 60 l
  • A desk with an add-on unit for a printer
  • External storage for children’s pictures and files.
  • Picture frames; picture albums. A personal album (life story) is made for every baby with significant moments of their lives with us – first teeth, first steps, birthday parties, etc.
  • A baby stroller for quadruplets. We have already received one for twins.

Charity events

Charity events are ways for one-time, however, extremely valuable help for our organization. Part of the implemented ideas of our supporters and friends are as follows:

  • participating in refurbishing and seasonal cleaning of the Little houses;
  • holding a charity bazaar with homemade delicious baked goods and desserts;
  • selling greeting cards, hand made by the Foundation employees’ children;
  • organizing a children’s arts and crafts corner for making and selling festive Christmas items;
  • selling a particular product/goods and donating the profit.


Our cordial gratitude for compassion and commitment to the cause of the little ones is to the employees of Siemens БългарияСофия Франс АутоMSD България, Bwin.Party, Hewlett Packard Enterprise България.

We are also extremely grateful to the students and children from different schools and organizations, who organize and participate in various charity events to support the little ones – INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL UWEKIND, ЧСОУ “П. Р. Славейков” – гр. София, СОУ “Д-р П.Берон” – гр. Костинброд, Скрипчър юниън България.

Tax benefits

Tax benefits for legal entities

According to the provisions of the Corporate Income Taxation Act, Art. 31, para. 1, item 14: „The accounting expenses of donation not exceeding 10 percent of the positive financial result (profit before taxation) shall be recognized for tax purposes in those cases where the donations have been made in favour of (amend. – SG 74/2016, in force from 01.01.2018) not-for-profit legal entities with public benefit statute, with the exception of those organizations which support culture within the meaning of the Arts Patronage Act.”

Tax benefits for natural persons

According to the provisions of the Income Тaxes on Natural Persons Act, Art. 22, para. 1, item “k“: “The aggregate of the annual bases of taxation as per Art. 17 shall be reduced by the donations made during the year up to 5 percent where the donation is in favour of (amend. – SG 74/2016, in force from 01.01.2018) not-for-profit legal entities with public benefit statute, with the exception of those organizations which support culture within the meaning of the Arts Patronage Act.“


Voluntary service and help is a way to provide effective and stimulating care for the children in the Little houses. Our volunteers support us in the most active periods of time when all children are awake. Consulted by our team, they participate in feeding, bathing, and playing activities, as well as in the household work. They also collect children’s food from the Children’s meal delivery service, and our regular volunteers take the children for a walk in the neighborhood.

If you would like to join our volunteer program, please contact us.

Why help?

In our Little Houses we offer care for the little ones with love and hope, support to the big ones with acceptance and understanding, so that there is joy at home again! There we save the little ones from being put into institutions, we meet their physical and emotional needs, so that they can grow healthy and whole individuals. “Hope for the Little Ones” Foundation creates settings that are close to those of a family, surrounding the babies and young children with attention and individual care during their transition from family crisis to building up a sustainable and secure family environment.

In our two Little Houses, child protection departments accommodate babies and young children at risk until they are returned to their families, adopted, placed with close relatives or in a foster family. The team of the Little Houses consists of 15 professionals (7 in each house), medical and social workers, pedagogues and psychologists and babysitters who meet their physical and emotional needs and have individual approach to each child. They work on a special schedule of twenty four hours care for the children which gives the sense of security and opportunity to get attached and be able to trust.  Our mission is that these children can grow being able to love because they are loved.

In 2018*- 2000 children have gone into state care in Bulgaria – an average of five children a day. State care includes foster care, family centers like ours and big state orphanages. Of all the children:

  • 82.6% are up-to-1-year olds,
  • 8.2% – between 1 and 2,
  • 4.1% – between 2 and 3,
  • 5.1% – 3 or older.
  • * Latest numbers available by State Agency for Child Protection.

What does it cost?

PROJECT “Little Houses 2019” main goal is to provide financial support and to ensure the existence of the two Little houses for the whole year 2019, in order to give children at risk a chance for a better and fulfilling life, thanks to the support of people and organizations who believe in our cause. Our budget needed for one year is approximately EUR 130,020. The expenditures that are needed for a child accommodated  in our Little Houses to live well and grow happily is 700 EURO per month. We invite you to join us so that we can change the fate of the abundant children in Bulgaria together, giving them a chance for a better life. With the finances raised in this campaign we will provide part of the needed budget for 2021, and we will continue to give hope to the little ones together!

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