Mobile Support Center “Together with Hope”

The Mobile Support Center for Individuals and Families called “Together with Hope” is the only extension of the activity of the “Hope for the Little Ones” Foundation and our aspiration to support the family being the best option for every child. The project is aimed at biological parents, adoptive parents and foster care parents.

Who is it for

The activity of the Center is focused on the following target groups

  • Newborn babies. Infants separated from their family or at risk of abandonment due to the early age of the mother, single parenthood / lack of support from relatives, cases of domestic violence, poverty, health issues of the child or their parents; addictions in parents, large families;
  • Children from 0 to 7 years of age. Neglected, abused, children separated from their family or those at risk of abandonment,
  • Pregnant women at risk. Expectant mothers in a situation of poverty, single motherhood, young age, illness, addictions, violence;
  • Biological and/or extended families of children. Adults in need of support in order to eliminate the risk of child abandonment or reintegration;
  • Adoptive parents and foster parents. Adults in need of support in the process of building a healthy family environment, support and assistance in the processes of getting to know the child, a smooth adaptation period and counseling in case of difficulties;
  • Families looking for help. Parents in need of help in restoring stability and peace in their family, going through various difficulties and crises.

thousand BGN

Annual Budget

In 2019 the activity of the Center for Social Support of Children and Families “Together with Hope” was launched. The team provides the services mobile, where there is a need. The goal is to prevent the abandonment of children, to support the process of reintegration of children and their upbringing in a family environment. Specialists help families in the community, families at risk, candidates for foster parents and adoptive parents, foster parents and adoptive parents in the period of mutual adaptation and in subsequent crises. The annual budget is BGN 47,230 and is entirely self-financed, without state support.


% self-financing

How can we help you

Areas of activity

  • Early intervention. Identifying and directing / defining the needs and effective influence from the earliest stage of children’s development. Inclusion in a multidisciplinary team of specialists
  • Prevention of Abandonment. Preventing the separation of children from their families through psychological assistance, material support, impact through training and information, assistance before institutions;
  • Reintegration of children into the birth family. Overcoming the circumstances that have led to their separation from the family environment, limiting the period of life of children outside the family and their return to it through training adults to form parenting skills and knowledge, support and assistance in establishing the material basis of the family. Support in the interaction with institutions – health, social, legal, educational bodies;
  • Support during the adoption process. Consultations, trainings, conducting an active process of getting to know each other – between children and adoptive parents, support in the post-adoption period in forming and maintaining attachment and a relationship of trust between them, assistance in dealing with various difficulties and issues;
  • Support in the foster care process. Training of foster parents, conducting a process of getting to know each other – between children and foster parents, making a smooth transition of the little ones to the new environment, material support, accompanying care;
  • Support to families in crisis. Support for families experiencing difficult times – break in the relationship between the partners, difficulties in the parent-child relationship, issues with additions of the child, risk of dropping out of school, experiences related to violence – all through counseling, training, group sessions and meetings, exchange experience-and-support events;
  • Support to families without obvious issues. We strive to be of benefit to families who have responsibly and selflessly accepted their parental role and strive to fulfill it to the best of their abilities. On the way to the growing up of children as valuable, dignified, full of virtues young people, parents face many challenges, questions with ambiguous answers, not easy solutions. Here comes the need and opportunity for psychological consultations, information meetings and thematic seminars. It is important to support the strengthening of family processes, clarification and formation of guidelines for a parental approach, creating and maintaining confidence in parents;
  • Training of volunteers. Training of people willing to help children in vulnerable groups through training modules for early childhood development, care for the baby and the young child, the consequences of neglect and separation from the family on children’s health and neuropsychological development. Trained volunteers become part of children’s lives, improve care for them, give them the opportunity to communicate, build attachment with more positive people, enrich their knowledge of the world.

Radoslava Kutsarova Head of MSC

Radi is the head of the Mobile Support Center "Together with Hope". She has ten years of professional experience dedicated to babies and children deprived of parental care. Work started on June 1, 2019. She connects her activity with... Read more

Our approach

We from the “Hope for the little ones” Foundation aim our active efforts towards the well-being of children in their families through the activity of the mobile support center “Together with hope” located in the Little house.

The team of the center is made of professionals with extensive experience in working with children at risk – social workers, psychologists and teachers. We are the support of the young ones and their parents, relatives, adoptive parents and foster families in dealing with the difficulties they face. The goal leading us is for the children to grow up happily in a family.

The Mobile Support Center is a natural extension of the activity of the “Hope for the Little Ones” Foundation carried out in the two family-type accommodation centers, namely – full-fledged care for babies in a family-like environment, prevention of institutional upbringing and its negative consequences on children’s development; stimulation and support of parenthood. A unique and specific approach in this regard of the professionals of the foundation is to provide an opportunity for parents (biological, adoptive, foster) to take an active role even before they have officially entered into it. They actively participate in the life and care of children at our homes – feeding, bathing, dressing, walking, games, skills development, etc. Our goal is for adults to have an objective idea of the requirements for their position as parents as well as confidence in their training in this regard. An important concern for us is the proper adaptation and the smooth transition of the children to the coming changes, that’s why children visit their home-to-be, getting acquainted with the new environment, their personal belongings and members of the extended family. The child is provided an opportunity to spend quality time with their parents / adoptive parents / foster family.

The relationship between the team and the families continues after the child is placed in their family. Parents are given the opportunity to consult on a daily basis about difficulties or issues they face or to ask questions just about anything that worries them. Large-scale gatherings and holidays are organized annually, and all children and their families, volunteers, friends are invited, in order to keep up the relations between the children, their families and the team of the two Houses. The feedback from the families shows how valuable this is not only for the children, but also for their parents, who feel they are a part of a community – one big family – and this helps them not to feel isolated.

We know what is best for the little ones and we subordinate our efforts to achieve it. We accompany children and their families from the emergence of the need for help and support them to its complete elimination.

The team of the Mobile Support Center includes a psychologist, a family counselor, an educator, a social worker and a clinical social worker.

License for social service for children №1350 27.11.2018

Scope of the license – public support center.
The licensee has the right to provide social services for children.

Issued by the State Agency for Child Protection, Republic of Bulgaria.

Certificate of registration № 00843-0005 / order № RD1-467 / 30.11.2018.

for the provision of social services: a center for public support issued by the Agency for Social Assistance, Republic of Bulgaria.

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