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How a lullaby can change everything

When hearing a mother’s lullaby, the world stops and listens. If we turn a deaf ear to a mother’s lullaby, then every cause will be lost. This second story is a case, when due to a number of family-related circumstances, a mother was forced to separate her baby from herself just a few days after

The biggest challenge For “Together With Hope” Consultation Centre

From the very beginning of our work as “Together with hope” Consultation centre, part of “Hope for the little ones” Foundation, we never hesitated to be involved in even very complicated cases. We’ve done this because such cases have many and various problematic components, each of which by itself would be hard to solve by

Why we`ve created “Together With Hope” Consultation Centre

Over the last 20 years in Bulgaria there has been going on a process of deinstitutionalisation. Its main goal is children, who were unfortunate to be separated from their parents for different reasons, to have the best possible childhood up to the moment when they will be reunited with their family (biological or foster). We