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How a lullaby can change everything

When hearing a mother’s lullaby, the world stops and listens. If we turn a deaf ear to a mother’s lullaby, then every cause will be lost.

This second story is a case, when due to a number of family-related circumstances, a mother was forced to separate her baby from herself just a few days after he had been born and to submit him to our team’s care in one of the small houses owned by „Hope for the little ones”.

This vulnerable young woman, who had grown up without a mother and had always depended on other people’s favour, was in a situation where others were deciding her child’s fate. She gave him to us in the hope that someday she would be able to take him back and continue to take care of him.

What won our hearts from the first moment we saw her was her lullaby while she was holding him in her arms, weeping bitterly. We were determined to comfort her suffering and to help this process to finish as soon as possible.

  • We encouraged the mother to dare file documents in the Agency for Child’s Protection for a reassessment of her ability to take care of her child.
  • During this process, we provided wonderful conditions for her to see her baby in The Small House, so she could be happy with him, embrace him, lull him to sleep, see him growing and changing every day, teach him new things, comfort him when he fell or see his smile when he was happy.
  • Meanwhile we guided her how to change and improve in main areas of her life, so she could meet the social service agency’s requirements.
  • We helped her to obtain all necessary equipment and clothes for raising her child at home.
  • We advocated her progress and dedication before the Agency for Child’s Protection, which also played a major role in fully assuring them she was capable of taking her mother responsibilities by herself, fully prepared and equipped.

After one long and difficult year, there finally came the day when she visited her baby boy in The Small House for the last time. She could finally take him home with her and start building their own future together.

Their future will be bright because now they are strong, going patiently and diligently through all that life throws their way, and they are also confident they can rely on us and our help in the years to come.

Hope For The Little OnesHow a lullaby can change everything

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